Save Madison County NC from the Left

My name is Cindie Harman,
I live in the Spring Creek area of Madison County.
I have been a resident and taxpayer in Madison County NC
for 16 years.
I moved to Madison County because it had a Land-use plan,
and most of the residents
were still local.
Having a land-use plan in place guides you as a buyer
as to where you want to live;
it also shows where the County wants growth.
In the last few years, newcomers have moved into the area.
These new residents have moved into planned industrial areas
bringing their bad leftist ideas with them.
These groups which hide under anonymous bodies
seem to think they are the voice of Madison County.
They may be the loudest,
and they may have more time on their hands
than the average working Madison county resident,
but their socialist ideology is not Madison county.
I am a conservative that loves America
and believes in the American worker.
My thoughts are as far from Socialism
as the Sun is from the Earth.  
These people are not Liberals; they are Socialists.
I will listen to a Jeffersonian Liberal
or a Democrat's view,
but I will not tolerate a Socialist's views.
I am a different person then
I was ten years ago when I ran a government watch
on this County.
I am going to run this site differently
and try to be respectful as I can.
But, I will give my form of snark to the commentary.
I am politically biased to the Republican Party and especially to
President Trump.
Donald J Trump won Madison County by 61.4%
to Hillary Clinton's 35.6%.
This election speaks volumes as to where this County
is in its growth thought process.
We are not a Bernie Sanders ideology county.
We are not a county of believers
that think the "New Green Deal" is the great new way of running our
There are those in these leftist groups
that wish to make you think their ideas are the norm.
These groups use fraudulent propaganda
to trick you into believing them,
just like the propaganda presented at the May Asphalt Hearing.
Asphalt plants will not kill you nor poison you.
You are more apt to be tainted by the French Broad river's E-Coli
This website will provide you with another perspective
based on facts and documentation.
If you want to contact me feel free
but have your points available to support your needs.
I am too old to chase rabbits down holes anymore,
but I do want to hear your thoughts.
The comments on this site are mine
unless identified otherwise. The research is mine.
I have a right as a taxpayer and resident to make them.
I live here and will fight to save Madison County
from this leftist ideology.
I encourage you to be active;
this is our fight, not just mine.
I know many of you work hard all week and have family,
and some of you are afraid to speak out because of your jobs.
I get it, but you have to be part of this,
and you have to vote for the commissioners
that will guide your County in the direction that you want.
As of now, the county commissioners have placed these leftists
on many boards and in positions of future development.
If the county commissioners can not rectify this,
they need to retire out of office.

Cindie Harman

BREAKING.....UPDATE November 10- 2019
Switching this week to a new website format - some documents
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NOT Covered under the
County's Liability Insurance for Attorney fees in the Appeal of the Asphalt plant

in charge of the Sheriff's Juveniles-
Who will they be & will they be connected to a Sheriff Donor?
  • County has properties assessed disproportionately
  • I am adding a "Grapevine Segment"
  • Sheriff Department - Why is Craig Goforth voting on Sheriff
    department budget Amendments -Is this a violation of the
"Hatch Act" ?