Save Madison County NC from the Left

The county manager Forrest Gilliam has turned in his resignation.

This is a disgrace, and we can only look to Buddy Harwood and his
goons for this.
Forest Gilliam is one of the best County Managers ever to be in
Buddy Harwood is a stain and a disgrace.
All Harwood does is suck money from the taxpayers while
pretending to be honorable.
Madison County, are you going to sit back and let these three men
and Buddy Harwood spend your county into bankruptcy?
Norris Gentry - Craig Goforth and Mark Snelson are against
business in this county.
These four men and their families have profited off of this county
their whole lives.
Buddy Harwood controls these three manatees. Nothing against
manatees, but all manatees do is float and take up space and eat,
just like these three.
Norris Gentry never married - His daddy Board of Education - His
sister Nancy Allen -retired School administration -Came out of
retirement- Received another appointment at DSS retired there -
Now the town of Marshall's administrator. Nancy Allen fought the
Asphalt Plant coming to Madison County.
The Gentrys have sucked the Federal and State tit their whole
existence. If they don't profit from it, they don't want it in our
Craig Goforth works for the Sheriff - Votes to have our tax dollars
drained and funneled to Sheriff Buddy's financial debacle.
The federal statute known as the Hatch Act (5 USC § 1501-1508)
prohibits state and local government employees from running for
partisan political office if the employee works in a position that has
duties in connection with programs financed in who or in part by
federal funds – whether loans or grants.
If Craig Goforth were honest, then he should recuse himself from
voting for budget amendments for the Sheriff Department.
Mark Snelson:
Buddy called me one night; this was after he was newly married,
wanting me to look into a principal at Hot Springs Elementary.
She was  Snelson's wife. I never looked into it because it was a
strange set of circumstances. According to Buddy- Mark Snelson
broke into the school and put graffiti up about his wife the principal.
This act supposedly was about an extramarital affair. Why was
Buddy Harwood so concerned about this? Why did Harwood push
Snelson for commissioner, and most importantly, what kind of man
would take his support after what he did?
Mark Snelson is milking the County Taxpayers for this ambulance
service contract - He is upping his EMT salary and using his position
as a county commissioner to profit.  
These three men are now going to vote to fight the Asphalt Permit
setting the stage for increased taxes - reduced growth and possible
financial tragedy for our county. They don't care they have already
secured their prosperity- This county has a revaluation coming in
September of 2020 -Expect a 6 to 10 point increase in your taxes
and remember that very long concrete driveway the Reverend
Harwood has up to his new home - CH