Asphalt Hearing in Madison County

First excerpt of the Biggest Circus ever to come to our county, it happened on May 16, 2019.
Many of you did not know the circus was in town.
It had your regular performers in Madison County, but this time a new set of entertainers were attending.
Environmentalists from an unregistered group called Sustainable Madison.
Unregistered at the Secretary of States office of NC.  
Also, the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League.
They entered our Quasi-Judicial hearing and were given standing with the over site of our county
attorney Donny Law watching on.
Before the hearing began, two members were recused for bias.  
One of those Sherri Frisby did not show, and the other Rick Molland - whose wife is a vicious vocal
opponent of the Asphalt Plant was recused.
The Board even allowed Madame Molland to ask questions of a witness.
Remember this woman's husband was recused but he continued to bloviate on the stand during the
recusal and make statements. Connie Molland sits on the board of Economics for Madison.
Why was she in this setting attacking a business trying to get a permit while she sits on an Economic
Development board?
Madame Molland is going to have some serious questions to answer about many of her actions in this
The Mollands have been instrumental in turning Marshall into something that no one recognizes anymore.
An article on the shenanigans of Economic Development Board and its Director Terry Bellamy and the
town of Marshall will be coming soon.
Darlyne Rhinehart also a board member is currently working for the sheriff of this county and is
considered a county employee.
She has been making disparaging remarks throughout the county about the applicants. Ms. Rhinehart
should not have served in this hearing.
One board member Karen Kiehna, who was called madam chairwoman, could not tell the difference
between the terms over-ruled and sustained.
Kiehna even asked the attorneys to stop objecting.
Attorneys object to place evidence in the record for appeals and pending law suit action.
Donny Law which is an ironic name for this attorney, has waited over 90 days
to get the letter of denial to the Reed's.
Which means they can not move forward with the appeal until they receive the letter
Was this action done to delay or just plain  dereliction of duty or laziness?
Either way it looks bad and inept.
The transcripts for this hearing are thousands of pages.
Ridiculous on the merit because of the grade of expert witnesses brought in by these activist's.
These activist's and this incompetent board turned this Quasi- Judicial Hearing into a circus.

I am going to say something that most of you are thinking but are too kind to say.
It needs to be said.
Why did you people of Sustainable Madison and others
who are complaining about an Asphalt plant,
move into Marshall and the Industrial area of Madison County?

The land-use plan has been around since the 1970s.
It has always shown Marshall as next to the industrial sector.
Look at Marshall - a railway -a river -a mill town.
And a river that often floods and quite honestly smells worse than any Asphalt plant could ever.
When I moved here I looked at the Land-Use Plan and by doing so I knew where I didn't want to be
If you look for property to purchase in a designated Industrial area or near it
then obviously you only care about price, not your lifestyle.
One of the Board Members even asked if they could make an addendum charging the owners of the
Asphalt Plant if these people next to a quarry could not sell their property's.
How completely stupid was that!
You activists have moved into this county,
and then you want to tell everyone how they are going to live.
Quite frankly, most of you that I can identify don't own much of anything.
You certainly don't own large tracks of land,
and have only been here for a brief period.

I would make a hunch that most of you have never lived in the country
much less the mountains.
You like to call yourselves homesteaders and preppers.
The NC mountains are tough to live in,
and after monitoring you snowflakes on Social Media,
you don't have what it takes to live here. Much less growing your food and living sustainable.
It will take one flood like we experienced in 2004 and when your precious French Broad River
comes into your homes you will be back in your parent's basement tapping on your computers
about your phony climate change views.
In the meantime, you are defrauding the citizens of this county.
To push a subversive agenda solely aimed at undermining legitimate
business development in Madison County.
Calling yourselves a "Bonafide" 501-c3- was laughable
since the IRS has never heard of you.
At the end of this article is two excerpts posted on Social Media by this group.
The Sustainable Madison claim is- this money is ours.
None goes to BREDL is interesting since under 501-C3 Federal statutes
all money goes to the mother-ship who is  BREDL.
While doing this, this group gave the impression that their organization
was the voice of this county.
Sustainable Madison is just a tiny whiny part of the county.
The Board of Adjustment at this hearing was an embarrassment .
There were people on this Board talking about cow flatulence and various other absurd things.
None of Sustainable Madison's expert witnesses were legitimate they were all manufactured for this
environmental kangaroo court.
A few of these people on this Board grew up in Madison County.
It was astonishing that they voted no, but these locals on this Board are political.
The Reed Family goes back 250 years in this county.
They have operated many successful businesses in the county.
They pay their taxes and have been good citizens in this community where they live.
Does this county not owe this family at least the right to due process
without harassment by county employees and county board members?
This is not the end of the Asphalt Plant.
The appeal is coming.
The Reeds will win in court and have their permit and will build a fantastic clean plant
that will benefit this county.
But the Madison County government will pay dearly for their ignorance and arrogance.
I hope for the county's sake they have their insurance premiums paid up. More coming.....CH