Part Two of Board of Adjustment

Asphalt Board of Adjustment Decision

I am sure many of you don't understand what it costs to litigate an action in court.
You would not know unless you have walked in those shoes. It is very costly.

The Ashe County commissioners and taxpayers, where Lou Zeller's beloved Blue Ridge
Environmental Defense League resides, have understood this painfully.

Over a year ago, the county legal costs were over $304,000.
There is no telling what they are today.  
At some point, the Ashe County Insurance's company will chime in.

Remember Big Lou doesn't have a job he and his minions live off of donations.
Donations made by anonymous individuals.
He calls it his campaigns.
His campaigns are against the Big Business period unless he deems
it relevant to his vision of America.
The Ashe County commissioners & the activists of Blue Ridge Environmental
Defense League were handed another loss in May.

This latest loss is right in Big Lou's backyard Glendale springs NC.
Zeller has always paraded around as an authority and protector of the region.  
So when he cons an area of residents into fighting an Asphalt Plant.
These activists never seem to mention how much it will cost the taxpayers.
Nor do they say there will be a loss to any commercial business in the future.
These left-leaning activists think they can bully the applicants.
Zeller even brags about his tactics on his website.
I have provided just a small amount of what is out there in previous articles.
The lefties of the tribe of Marshall and Sustainable Madison
Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League, along with
the so-called people of standing, will not be paying
Madison County tax-payers legal bill.
We will be paying for this continuation of a decision by a circus of fools
called the Board of Adjustment of Madison County.
So let the games begin; the commissioners will be responsible for this.
We all should hold them responsible for wasting our tax dollars.
Donnie Laws, the county attorney,
will make a great deal of money if this continues even though he is not up to the job.
Attorneys make more money when a case drags on.
If this appeal fails, this County will be known as a County that hates business.
The county taxes will rise because there will be no revenue coming into the coffer.
What company would want to consider entering into an area with residents
and county officials that have a vision of going backward instead of forward?

Click on the links below to read the rebuttal to the
Sustainable Madison's attempt at expert witnesses by the Reed's attorney-
Albert Sneed.
Who blew away the amateur Sustainable Madison hired.

The truth about Benzine.  

Not the lies presented by Dr.Coverdale,
who was  Sustainable's Madison's so-called expert on this subject.
Remember, she roller-skated her whole childhood on Asphalt on Richland Drive
in Bowling Green Ky.  
Coverdale lived close by Benzine producing Industry her whole childhood.
It never hurt this woman.  
Her father; a pediatrician, never had a fear,
or he would have moved his family out to Alvaton or farther out Cemetery road.
Her father and mother lived to old age in the very same home
she played outside as a child.  
They had lived in this home since 1952.
She is a leftist that has taken a position that Asphalt causes Asthma.
Coverdale vomits the left's propaganda
without taking into consideration that children in Mountain areas
may be experiencing these allergy-triggered tendencies because
of the fauna and climate in the area.
Also, their diet and other factors can contribute.
Look, if you want to bring your family into the woods
 around big trees and fauna, then you have to deal with the problems that go with it.
People up here deal with snow and allergies.
It is part of living in the mountains and has nothing to do with Asphalt or big business.
Why do you think people are told to go live in areas like Arizona and Colorado
if they have Asthma?
Because there are limited vegetation trees and fauna in these places, and they are dry.
The mountains have a rain forest type climate.

Wet mold producing - Damp and ganglia kind of like that bird sanctuary in Marshall that
BREDL owns that Big Lou snagged from a Marshall resident.
BREDL and Sustainable Madison want to take children on tours through
this poison- ivy infested jungle.
Below is an excerpt from Healthline about Asthma.
The same substances that trigger your hay fever symptoms,
such as pollen, dust mites, and pet dander,
may also cause asthma signs and symptoms.
In some people, skin or food allergies can cause asthma symptoms.
Called allergic Asthma or allergy-induced Asthma.
Allergic Asthma is the most common type of Asthma.
About 90% of kids with childhood asthma have allergies,
compared with about 50% of adults with Asthma.
The symptoms that go along with allergic Asthma show up after you breathe things
called allergens (or allergy triggers) like pollen, dust mites, or mold.

Property Values- A guy by the name Bruggeman
seems to think he is an authority because he holds a provisional Real estate license.
This is the entry-level title for a North Carolina real estate career.
Once you complete the required education, pass the state exam,
and earn your license, you become a provisional broker
Big Deal- But the activists used him as an expert.
The clowns on the Board of Adjustment licked it up as legitimate.

Buggerman testified that his property has been on the market for sale since 2018.
He says two people a week were calling him until the application for the Asphalt Plant.
He claims that now he only has gotten one call.

Check out this house of his - his tax record
His House as listed on
It looks like a giant deer stand;
maybe that is why no one is calling, or perhaps you have it priced too high.
I can't believe the tax assessment is this high.
I would say the assessed tax value is high because this funny looking house
is in an industrial zone.
Bruggeman was one of the property value expert witnesses
for sustainable Madison.
Bruggerman brought forth one of the most bazaar explanations of property evaluation
that  I have ever read.

Read what Mr. Sneed so cleverly argued in his summation concerning property values.

It is quite apparent to most common sense individuals
that this Board of Adjustment had their minds made up before this hearing.  
Darlyne Rhinehart made derogatory comments throughout
Madison county about the Reed family, specifically targeting Regina Reed.
Part three will be tomorrow.  
I will be taking on the little wanna be mathematician Mike Tuziw.
Who reminds me of Professor Elwell off the 1950's movie "People Will Talk."  

Board Of Adjustment's deliberation will be included in this final part.
I will  introduce you to Professor Elwell -Alias Tuziw the guy that hates Cow Flatulence