The Truth behind the Board of Adjustment Decision Part 1
Sometimes you just have to wonder how some individuals actually pass the bar.
Donnie Law county attorney for Madison finally produced the letter

that will bring the much-awaited appeal to Superior court in the next 30 days.

Donnie Laws Letter

Donnie, with the dangling hair, made a statement to the Asheville Citizen-Times.
" It's not a matter of typing up one sheet of paper- you need to go through the entire record

and state the evidence that is there to support the board's decision- that's the reason for having a lengthy written

This is more BS from Mr. Law.
The only thing that took 101 days was his ability to fabricate a lie.
The reason it took Mr. Law 101 days was that the transcript sat on the edge of his desk for most of that time.
He was occupied with other matters in his regular practice in Burnsville.

It took the county manager and several of the commissioners to get him to finish his job.
He even stated, " the commissioners are up my ass over this."

Let's take him at his word -Why 101 days?

Was Donnie Long coordinating with another entity? Is the county attorney subject to email public record laws?

He says he had to read the transcript. Then why did he blatantly add to the record?

The record can not be added to on appeal.
How much is his bill going to be to the taxpayers of Madison County.
The people that came out in opposition to the Asphalt plant
mentioned by Long
in the BOA Decision chose to live in and around an industrial area.
The same area
which was designated over 40 years ago by the Madison county
Land Use plan as I-D Industrial District.
The Industrial District is established as a district

in which the principal use of land is for industrial and warehouse
uses which normally seek locations of large tracts of land.

  • Big benzine producing airports are permitted.
  • Loud benzine producing gun ranges are permitted.
But, heaven forbid, we dare not have an economic monetary producing Asphalt plant in our Industrial area.
I don't suffer fools gladly folks, but if you are concerned about grandma and the children, then why were these
endangered facilities placed close to an industrial area?

Maybe because this is all a fabricated farce by the newbies moving into Marshall.

The same newbies that delivered this arrogant letter to the Reed Family to harass them.


The letter was provided by Connie Molland.
This letter was from the Marshall Downtown Business Association.
Why call
yourselves a business association.  
You are nothing more than a bunch of miserably inadequate shopkeepers.

Shopkeepers that promote events with men dressed as mermaids
This association even tries to imitate
the filth of Mardi Gras.
Calling  this event Marshall Gras.

Do these people have no sense of decency?

At the top of this article is a picture from the Mermaid madness of Marshall.
I believe this is a guy in the green falsies.
For crying out loud, this tribe has the arrogance of calling these Corinthian spectacles "family-friendly."

Connie Molland was given standing by the Board of Adjustment.
The reason given was because of her art gallery called Flow located in Marshall.
Marshall is over a mile from the quarry and proposed site for the Asphalt plant.

Molland is always showing up as the area's poster child for

" Female Passive Aggressive syndrome."
In other words, she is a sniper that hides and pretends there is no agenda.

In reality, she is seething in leftist hate for anything that is not of her socialist agenda.
Hate for business unless it falls under the category she and her ilk deem acceptable.
She currently sits on the Madison County Board of Economics.

Molland's art consists of funny looking wood utensils that

quite frankly would have better use as back scratchers.

Molland is the "Mater familia
s"- or "Mama" of the tribe of Marshall.

Marshall at one time had a sense of small-town charm. Now it is unrecognizable.
The current town of Marshall is an alcoholic haven of lousy art and freaks from other

The Marshall Town alderman are more concerned with getting liquor by the drink and
attacking viable businesses instead of working on their water debacle.

The arrogance of these amateurish
people thinking they have saved Marshall
from its ultimate demise by buying up the condemned properties is laughable.
Many of these people took advantage of a situation in 2008
and profited off of the backs of people in hopeless despair.

The tribe of Marshall now has decided they are the voice of the county.

evident in last nights commissioner's meeting.
How dare this county consider an economic entity called Asphalt.

Maybe the Reed family should paint a mermaid onto the Asphalt Plant when they win this on appeal.

The simple fact is the Tribe of Marshall is just as irrelevant and

naked as the Emperor and his new clothes.
This tribe is an untalented fraud that wants to take over your county.

This small group wants to tell you how to live and don't think that it will stop with Asphalt.

This county has an opportunity to thrive a chance to become a place where children want to stay

and raise their children.
A place to be proud of.

Marshall has been taken over by an element that does not represent the populace.
It is time to show the tribe who really matters in this county. CH

Tomorrow Part 2 of The Truth Behind the Asphalt Hearing- Transcripts of the deliberation not Donnie Laws
Will The Board of Commissioners do
the right thing?