Down To the River with our Sheriff
The Ballad of Reverend Sheriff
Buddy Harwood

When a county official becomes so arrogant that he thinks he runs
every aspect of the government, it is dangerous.

The Reverend Buddy Harwood- Sheriff of Madison County,
is a minacious public servant and is threatening the essential trust held under his
The Sheriff's department in Madison is the largest expenditure
in our county's budget.
This county's  population is 21,763.
Compared to other counties in this state, this is an immense amount for a sheriff's
I supported Harwood when John Ledford,
the former Sheriff, was throwing his hat into the ring.
Reverend Buddy's brother asked me to give him a second look and assured
me he had changed his ways.
I still believe Eddie Harwood is a fine man,
and when I chose sides, I was choosing the lesser of two evils.
Buddy was John Ledford's henchman
when he was Sheriff of this county.
Neither one of these guys has ever
been able to add or to produce a rudimentary budget.  
This segment that I am starting today is going to be on-going.
I have a great concern about the many expenditures
concerning the Sheriff's department.

I have
a great concern for the actions of this Sheriff.

Craig Goforth, a  new county commissioner,
wants to follow in Buddy's footsteps.
Harwood has current and ongoing medical problems
and may not complete his term.
Goforth and Mark Snelson were the chosen ones
by Buddy and the Democratic party.
The Sheriff hoodwinked the populace into voting for them in the last election.

Why do people let a sheriff take over their minds and tell them how to vote.

A  sheriff that speaks out of both sides of his mouth?

Craig Goforth is
dangerous and a liberal activist
against business coming into our area
Goforth is massaging the crazies on the left
on Social Media.

The new scheme is Juvenile Detention inmates  
Goforth is trying to push this on the county taxpayers
through his position as County Commissioner.

Juveniles have many more needs than adults.
The schools in this county can't intermingle these inmates with other children

So are the schools with their strapped budgets
going to be forced to educate these juveniles?
Who pays for this?

Goforth and Harwood are not answering these questions?
Madison County has a Nepotism policy that deals with employees.
Please click this link to review
Madison County's Sheriff department
under state law is not required to follow county personnel policy.

They could if they wanted to- many in our state do.

So, in essence, there is a substantial amount of nepotism
in the Sheriff's department.
Michelle Quintero - Coy Phillips's  (Chief Deputy) sister
makes a very hefty salary.
I like Michelle, but I don't like nepotism in county government.

I have a real concern for the fact that the old bookkeeper
from Madison County
has moved over to the Sheriff's department.
She retired from Madison County.
Ms. Rhinehart did not have the certification to work for our county.
Her job required an additional employee- due to the fact
she could not perform to state standards.

So why would the Sheriff bring the bookkeeper over to his regime?
The Sheriff's department operating budget is 3.5 Million.
Two million are related to salaries and compensation.

Our population in this county is stagnant and
pathetic in growth compared to other counties

Salaries the Sheriff department.

Why is Michael Garrison still on the Sheriff's payroll?

Why is the Bookkeeper "after retiring"  back at the Sheriff's Department?

The Sheriff's Department in Madison County
never had a comprehensive audit.

Other departments in our county have had comprehensive audits.

One of these examinations include the finance office
this is where the judgment concerning Ms. Rhinehart's lack of certification was

I know many of you think  Buddy Harwood walks on water.

He holds a designation of Reverend and works in his church.
I commend him for that,
but should this Reverend threaten county employees and
commissioners if they don't do his bidding?

Should a man of the cloth take advantage of his office?

Should a man of the cloth manipulate his expenditures?  

Why was Buddy Harwood having lunch weekly-
Wanda Greene - former county manager of Buncombe

What else is the Sheriff and the new commissioner Craig Goforth hiding?

Reverend Buddy Harwood carries a cross on his back,

but quite honestly, folks that cross he showboats is the same kind
Reverend Swaggart brings.

Just the beginning - CH