The Madison County commissioners will have a special meeting this
Tuesday night at the old Library in Marshall.

The purpose of the meeting is to deal with the Appeal for the Asphalt Plant in Superior Court.  Donnie
Laws, the county attorney that we pay $150.00 an hour, is responsible for maintaining legal meetings
under North Carolina Law in Madison County.

Below is a photograph of Mr. Laws. Photographed on October 28th at a function called

"Blind Pig Supper."

Being pictured dressed as a "Leprechaun" is bad enough. But to be photographed drinking and partying
with a Board of Adjustment member (Ernie Ramsey) five days after the filing of a Writ of certiorari
against the County is reckless and embarrassing.

One thing, I have to say Larry Leake may not have been a favorite County Attorney, but the last thing he
would have allowed is a picture taken of him in a leprechaun outfit.

If the county commissioners move forward to challenge this Asphalt Plant appeal, then the taxpayers
better get ready to spend copious amounts of money to defend this boondoggle.  

The County will not win.

And they know this because they had counsel in last week's closed session. Not Donnie Law Counsel
Ashe and Watauga counties have lost their appeals of Asphalt plants and cost their taxpayers thousands
of dollars.
Buncombe County just recently paid out over $200,000 in attorney fees.

Craig Justice- the Reed's Attorney- was the plaintiff's attorney in this suit. Justice is a force to be
reckoned with in appellate circumstances.

Madison county's insurance will not pay for attorney fees.
Back to Donnie Laws- It is obvious this man is ill-equipped to handle a suit of this magnitude.

So the County will have to hire a new attorney to handle the appeal.
Also, paying Laws his $150.00 an hour while this goes on.
An attorney experienced in appeals warrants a rate of pay of  $425.00 to $600.00 per hour.

This rate doesn't include additional expenses.
Where will the County find this money?  
Property taxes?
Will it come from the other departments in the County?
What is going to happen to poor Reverend Harwood when he comes crying for another Budget
I have an idea lets ask Sustainable Madison's Donor list to pay for this...

Maybe Charles Tolley will whip out his checkbook to pay the County's attorney bill.  
He certainly has made plenty of that "Good Ole Boy Money" in Madison.  

Better yet, we might ask our County Leprechaun to find us a pot of gold.

Kidding aside, look at what is going on in Madison.
This County allocated a mere $150,000 to fix the Court House.

This capital outlay is not even close to what is needed.
I have an in-depth article coming on the court-house.I have been working on this for a couple of weeks.
It is pathetic what has happened to this old girl.
She looks good on the outside, but the minute you enter, you see the years of neglect.

Old buildings are like old cars - you have to care for them regularly.
It is time, while money is cheap, for this County to look at a bond referendum for a new courthouse.

The County has property next to the sheriff's department, which could serve as its new home.

The poor planning of years ago commissioners have caused this situation to decay into an emergency.
So I say to you commissioners, which way are you going to pull us?
Are you sending Madison County backward or forward?
Backward is where we are now.

Madison is on cusp of becoming an oppressive property tax county.

The hoards of homesteaders on Facebook are not paying the bulk of taxes in this County.

Yet the Board of Adjustment cower to their community organizer tactics.

The situation of our courthouse is an embarrassment.

We don't need to waste our money for a lost cause in fighting an Asphalt Plant.

We need to encourage more business, not chase it off.

Waiting on that Leprechaun and his pot of gold is not an option -CH