Do you know who these people are?  Of course, you don't they hide behind a curtain
called a Non- Profit, this is only to make you think they are relevant.
Non- Profits must show how they serve the common good.
What common good does Sustainable Madison and Blue Ridge Environmental serve?
Social Good intent is to help society as a whole.
Not a self-serving agenda that is driven by radicalism. Both of these groups
have hijacked the purpose of non-profits as a whole.
Non-Profits meaning under exemption requirements set forth in section 501(c)(3) are
charitable, religious, educational, scientific, literary, testing for public safety,
fostering national or international amateur sports competition, and preventing cruelty to
children or animals. The term charitable is used in its generally
accepted legal sense and includes
relief of the poor, the distressed, or the underprivileged; advancement of
religion; advancement of education or science; erecting or maintaining public buildings,
monuments, or works; lessening the burdens of government; lessening neighborhood
eliminating prejudice and discrimination; defending human and civil rights
secured by law; and combating community deterioration and juvenile delinquency.
The paragraph above is straight from the belly of the IRS.
Groups like this use your fear to fund their false agendas.
Agendas based on propaganda that has no basis in fact, the EPA
has never banned Asphalt Plants.  
But you would think so after listening to Sustainable Madison's blather.
Some of their members call themselves community organizers but the community is
the farthest thing from their minds. They want to tell you how to live, and by Joe, you
better live the way they tell you.
These are the same type of people that spew the radical left's beliefs.
They hide behind masks and purchase properties in LLC's to conceal their identities.
You only see a select few in the populace.
These groups materialize in your communities portraying themselves as taxpayers
while many in these gangs live elsewhere.
They seek out areas that are small to take them over politically.  
They laugh at you thinking you are so backward you will never notice their actions.
They are taught through their radicalized mother-ship (BREDL)
to apply and get on every board in your communities to secure political power.
Does this sound like what the IRS describes as a charitable 501-C3
charitable non-profit?
This article will expose who they are by using their own words and arrogance
that they have posted on Social Media and under oath in Quasi-Judicial hearings.
Sustainable Madison is not registered with The Secretary of States office of NC,
and it does not have a required Charitable Solicitation License.
BREDL had a Charitable Solicitation license on February 19, 2019,
but failed to comply with their license and the state of NC revoked it..
Bredl continued after this to solicit charitable contributions. Solicitation of donations
without a charitable solicitation license in place violates NC GEN.Stat.131F-23.
Sadly, there has been a sitting commissioner - Craig Goforth
that has been in talks with Sustainable Madison for months.
Goforth has even given them kudos on Social Media.
The Economic Development Board's President is a donor and advocate for
Sustainable Madison.
His name is Mitch Hampton of French Broad Rafting.  
Mitch has been very vocal against an Asphalt Plant but quiet
about the polluted French Broad River that he lures others into with his business.
One of the leading members Hillary Olesak even stated on social media
of a fundraiser that went into her private account.
I am going to let you see it for yourself in plain black and white- their names-
their words- their intent. I will show you how Sustainable Madison and Blue Ridge
Environmental Defense League actively targeted a family from Madison County.
This family was not given due process in a conditional use permit hearing
in May.
The board of adjustment and its attorney did not follow the rule of law.
Whether the BOA were just too inept or just plain arrogant will be
hashed out in the appeal process.
But one thing is known the taxpayers of this county will be paying out of pocket
for the actions of this board and Sustainable Madison- BREDL.
BREDL has lost many appeals.
Big Lou calls these groups attached to his organization- chapters,
but there are 112 that no longer function.
The reference on his website is Emeritus which quite frankly is laughable
since Emeritus is typically associated with the retirement of a
professor, pastor, bishop, pope, director, president, prime minister, rabbi, emperor.
I understand how some of you fell for this fiasco.
These groups hide behind non-profit.
These groups fabricate lies based on inaccuracies and innuendo.
These groups also try to get area professionals to help with their deceptions.
I was taken aback by the statements of Dr. Coverdale at the Asphalt hearing.
She should know better, and her hypocrisy is worth mentioning since her, and
I grew up in the same hometown -Bowling Green Ky.
Bowling Green Ky is a prosperous city in South Central KY near Nashville, TN.
Our backyard playground was I-65 and Louisville Road. Her father,
my pediatrician, lived there till he and his wife died.
Bowling Green Ky is where GM's Corvette plant is, and when she grew up, it was a
Chrysler plant along with Firestone - Holley Carburetor - Scottys Construction.
Scotty's owns 14 Asphalt plants in KY their base is in Bowling Green, KY.
Miss Coverdale grew up in an area near the golf course a little
over 1 mile from all of this.
It doesn't seem to have hurt her or me for that manner.
Asphalt and Benzine are under more scrutiny now and more regulated
then it was in the '50s, and 60's when we grew up near it.. While I am glad, Madison County
has two pediatricians serving our community.
I think Ms. Coverdale should stick to healing children.
Ms. Coverdale should not inflame fear in families with her baseless rhetoric,
especially when it didn't affect her in the least as a child.
Lou Zeller of Blue Ridge Environmental testified as an expert witness for Sustainable
Madison concerning Asphalt Plants.
This guy attended an Engineering Science school for ONE year and
then dropped out and joined the Navy for four years and then went to
Emory and became a physician assistant.
So why is this guy with the funny mustache an expert in this hearing?
All he has done most of his adult life is attack business.
He went into Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League in the 1980s.  
Zeller didn't provide under oath that he married the executive director. Zeller was
then named the science director for BREDL.
Zeller also made comments under oath that he does not receive the money
from his chapters ...Really - BREDL is the 501-C3 shell corporation.  
All donations have to go through the 501-C3. Sustainable Madison is NOT
a 501-C3. BREDL - federal filings (9-90's)  don't spell this out.  
Either the chapters are raising the money and sending it to BREDL
which is consistent with their 501-C3 claim.
Or BREDL is raising the money and spending it on behalf of the chapters.
Why is this being hidden from the public?
Is it because they want you to think this is a grass root campaign?
Either way, BREDL is inextricably responsible for the actions of Sustainable Madison.
The groups I have mentioned above take advantage of individuals by
calling themselves Non-Profits. They prey on the public fear through
propaganda that has no basis in fact or common sense.
They embellish their credentials and personify themselves as legitimate.
Like Handmaidens, the public follows the group's direction.
It is dangerous because these groups are not stopping with just an Asphalt Plant.  
They want to restructure your way of life - your children's lives and
your ability to have a county that will thrive. Without business in this county,
and I don't mean a bacteria tea company called "Bucchis."
This county needs real business and infrastructure
that will attract taxpayers to the area — infrastructure built by asphalt, not dirt roads.
These leftist groups hiding behind Non-Profits do not bring dollars into our county.
Non- Profits do not pay their fair share of taxes, but  
Asphalt plants and paving companies do.
If you want to continue to live in this county with low taxes,
you better get out of the way and let real business come in.
The list of Sustainable Madison members is hard to find.
This group is not registered at the Secretary of States Office.
Below are a few names that have come forward out of the abyss of Social Media.
Continue onto the next pages to read the documents
associated with this article -you will be amazed at their arrogance and stupidity-CH

Emily Sontag-Hillary Ann Olesak
Elizabeth Gullum-Connie Molland
Mitch Hampton
Carl Batchelder
Treasurer for Sustainable Madison during the overt solicitation of charitable funds