Big Lou and the Squirrel at the caboose

After reading Big Lou's letter to the Editor today 10-02-2019,  I must take issue with his bloviated
comments. I assume by his comments in this article I would be considered the "unseemly one"
attacking the messenger.  How arrogant is that!

One of the first things I noticed is that Big Lou never commented on the solicitation accusation.
The fact that he and his minion cohort chapter, Sustainable Madison collected charitable donations
without a License.

Zeller started his letter by stating he had lived here in Madison County 15 years ago. He doesn't live
here now. Zeller said, "he by his own invitation" came into our county. To warn the poor people here
that prayed about the evil US Department of Energy.

This Federal institution was colluding to put a Nuclear Waste Repository in Madison County. I have a
link below for the actual report.

If you take the time to read it, you will notice Big Lou embellished the facts to frighten the
townspeople of Madison County.
Zeller makes it up as he goes- He even brags on his website about how his community organizers
work in this way.

Pat Franklin should be angry that Zeller is taking credit for this because she has been claiming this
accomplishment for years.

Neither of you outdated blowhards is accurate. Look at the report and the graph provided below.
Notice the areas that have these repositories close by are now thriving.

The real reason The Us Department of Energy chose other areas is not because of
Big Lou or old Pat.
It is because the mountain roads to the "Projected area" were not conducive or safe for significant
truck travel.

It is unfortunate to see a NY Yankee come into this area and con people. Lou Zeller did it before so
he thinks it can con you again.

Everything Zeller dishes out on the populace is based on his calculations - Remember his credentials
...That's right there are not any.

For the record Big Lou... you and Pat Franklin probably have more Benzine in your pantyhose then
any Asphalt Plant in the area.

There is an Old Guard in Madison County --They are the big fish
( in their minds) in this shallow pond.
They don't want a bigger pond because they would lose control over you, and their days of sucking
the money out of the area would be over.

They have kept  Madison County in the 20th Century while they have profited and you haven't.

Greenville County SC and Augusta GA are thriving areas.
It is too bad Madison County decided to listen to the snake oil salesman with the funny mustache.

Below are the names of the Minnows of Madison.
Pat Franklin  
Darlyn Rhinehart    
Charles Tolley
Ernie Ramsey
Larry Leake

Finally, and with great sadness.. I have to address the Squirrel at the Caboose in downtown Marshall.
I am talking about the News-Record and Sentinel and its Editor Paul.

When I first spoke to  Paul - he introduced himself as Paul Eggers. I had submitted a letter about the
appointment of Larry Leake as a judge.
I used Citizens Time's articles as a reference. This letter to the Editor I sent was during the time that
Roy Moore was running for a Senate seat in Alabama.

Moore was facing scrutiny because he had solicited young  girls in his past.
It was titled "Don't sell the skin before you catch the bear".

In other words, don't celebrate dear Democrats here in Madison County about Roy Moore when you
have your stain wearing a black robe in the courthouse.

Paul would not print it. But I bet he would if it were a Republican.

Just recently I called the News-Record to speak to the Editor about a letter regarding the asphalt
plant, the guy that answered said his name was Paul Moon. He acted as if I knew him, but I told him
I had never spoken to a Paul Moon but I had spoke to some guy named Egger.

He said that was him. I thought at the time that he married some man and took his name, but no I
later learned he got married and took his wife's name.

I told Paul Eggar Moon that several individuals stated he was not printing letters to Editor that were in
support of the Asphalt Plant.

I wanted to place a letter to the Editor in support of the Asphalt plant.
Eggar Moon denied holding back these letters.
He said I could submit a letter but only with 400 words.

So I was surprised when he allowed Big Lou to write as much as he wanted.
I challenged Eggar Moon on this.
The Squirrel at the Caboose response was as follows:

From time to time, we invite op-ed contributions from sources on topics of local interest. These
op-ed's are not letters to the Editor and do not conform to the 400 word limit. Lou Zeller's
submission meets this classification.

What gives this Newspaper the right to determine what is beneficial to the county?
What gives this Newspaper the right to determine what voices are heard?
Remember It was this Squirrel that allowed Emily Sontag of Sustainable Madison to solicit donations
in his paper.  
Moon also allowed Sontag of Sustainable Madison to submit a half-page of arrogant unstable vicious
attacks against a Madison County family.
The family's only sin was that they wanted to put an Asphalt Plant in the Industrial Zone.
The same industrial zone in Madison County that permits Benzine Producing airports and outdoor
gun ranges. So why not an Asphalt Plant?
In closing I have to feel sorry for the poor Squirrel - he just keep collecting bad nuts.
The Weekly Wipers circulation numbers are in the tank - Total is 2900 papers. Twenty-Seven
percent are outside the county ...Now that speaks Volumes- CH

Weekly Wiper at it again